Value Added Tax (VAT)

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We can perform a risk assessment of the Value Added Tax in UK VAT positioning to ensure you are compliant with VAT laws and regulations.

We offer Value Added Tax VAT compliance, advice and planning services in the UK which include the following:

  • VAT grouping or stand-alone registrations;
  • Voluntary VAT registration where taxable turnover is below the threshold;
  • Using different VAT schemes;
  • Advice on opting to tax land or property;
  • Implications of VAT that might arise from your prospective business plans to ensure that VAT does not compromise these arrangements;
  • Advice on the acquisition or sale of a business or a property;
  • Pro-active on VAT rules changes affecting your business;
  • HMRC investigations and negotiations with HMRC on your behalf.

What is Value Added Tax?

Value Added Tax UK (VAT) is an indirect tax which affects most businesses irrespective of the size or nature of the organisation. VAT can be very complex. HMRC is taking an increasingly stringent approach toward VAT compliance.

The standaard rate of VAT is 20% but there are goods and services which are charged at zero and reduced rate.

Demonstrating robust processes and controls to show “reasonable care” is becoming more and more essential. We can complete and submit VAT returns and declarations on your behalf . Alternatively, we can do a pre-submission review of your own (or your current account’s work) to give additional peace of mind. Either way, getting it wrong can be a costly mistake. Getting help is a worthwhile option.

Do you sell goods and services to other businesses in the wider European Union (EU)? The rules on VAT have changed since Brexit has happened. These rules are different if you despatch good in post or through courier. All good sold to EU are export and are Zero rated being export.

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