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The Tech Sector Market in the UK in 2023

The UK tech industry is now worth $1 trillion in value, as the country’s tech sector becomes the third in the world to ever reach this landmark valuation.

The value of UK tech companies has risen rapidly in recent years, thanks to sustained investment in digital tech, particularly after the Covid-19 pandemic. The products and services that keep us connected at home have become key parts of our daily lives, helping propel company valuations higher and the UK tech ecosystem into a new league.

Our Expertise

We are here to help you succeed and grow your business by supporting you in your specific tech accounting challenges:


  • Claiming R&D tax credit

  • Managing intangible assets on the balance sheet (logos, customer lists etc)
  • Managing accounting practices for international development resources and freelancers
  • Retaining staff by offering tax free benefits
  • Managing overhead while growing the business
  • Maintaining the right balance between employed/freelance work force