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The Real Estate Market in the UK in 2022

The UK housing market could become more stable in 2022 after frenzied house buying pushed prices to record highs in 2021. The stamp duty holiday ended in 2021 and helped fuel 1.5 million house purchases across the UK.

The government’s tax changes are making it difficult for landlords to own properties and rent them out. Many landlords are experiencing steep increases in taxes and stamp duties and are exiting the market completely.

Our Expertise

We are here to help you succeed and grow your business by supporting you in your specific Recruitment Agency accounting challenges:

  • Selecting the right property management software with granular accounting for each property.
  • Managing lease renewal rates, lowering vacancy eviction, decreasing maintenance tickets and lowering administration costs.
  • Determining the budgeted costs for new projects by considering all relevant factors so that there are no unforeseen costs.
  • Managing defaults on rental payments and how they are reflected in the tax returns.
  • Automation of tenants invoicing and payments.