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how to file company accounts

how to file company accounts

Company accounts are the documents that are usually prepared at the end of the financial year. How To File Company Accounts is a widely discussed topic and in this article we will provide answers to all your queries related to the how to file company accounts.

Company accounts tells us a vast range of things about the company such as the profit and loss of the company over the year, the financial position of the company in the current year as well as the vast array of other things.

In UK all the companies must have to file their company accounts with the HMRC. The accounts of the company should be submitted alongside with the CT600 (Company Tax Returns) and the corporation tax computations that are usually the tax calculations.

Besides, the companies should also be filed with the Companies House. It is quite tricky process and the Apex Accountant can guide you in this regard. Contact us at or ring us now at +44 20 3883 4777.

What Companies Accounts Should Consists of?

A companies account should consists of.
1. Balance Sheet (Statement of the Financial Position)
2. Profit and Loss Statement (Income Statement)
3. Director Report
4. Notes

Why You Need A Professional Tax Service Provider To Compile Company Accounts?

Hiring an a professional tax agency or accountant has a vast array of benefits in the sense that they are staff members of the Charted (ICAEW) as well as the certified professional bodies such as ACCA and others.

When and How to File Company’s Accounts?

The deadlines for filing the company’s accounts are different, however the corporation tax returns must be submitted to the HMRC in the period of the 12 months after the end of the accounting period to which it associates.
Besides the accounts to the companies house must also be submitted in the period of the 9 months after the end of the accounting period.

How to File Company Accounts?

1. Companies must be registered with the HMRC to file online and must have attained the user ID and password. To register for the HMRC Visit or call Apex Accountants Right Now.
2. In order to file online companies should have attained the authentication code from the company’s house and it completely differentiates from the HMRC. To register for the Companies House Visit or call Apex Accountant Right Now.
3. Also the accounts should be posted to the Companies House. Contact us now we will assist you in this regard.

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