Automation of Operations And Growth Strategies

Automation of Operations And Growth Strategies

We work alongside owners/ directors as partners to help them automate their Operations implement Growth Strategies.


As part of our Automation of Operations And Growth Strategies for businesses; we take a holistic approach to advise and use various strategies including:

  • Review your pricing strategy and see if you are making the margin you think you are. Discounts can be a very expensive way of generating sales and can eat into your profits.
  • Look at your business processes and see if it is possible to introduce time-saving cloud-based applications or apps.
  • Analyse your overhead to see if you are getting value for money from your suppliers by comparing with industry trends.
  • Evaluate your payment processes and credit control systems can often be streamlined so cash arrives in your bank quickly.
  • Assess your payment terms to see if they are in line with industry standards, and if so, are they being followed.
  • Prepare forecasts so we can fully understand your business model and the interaction of the various components.
  • Compile management accounts to compare to the forecasts and react to changes in the business environment.

For a business to be successful, it is vital that it manages its fixed and variable costs in the most optimal way. Good managerial accounting helps to not only support value creation, but also operational efficiency. Our managerial accounting services can help by helping identify operational cost efficiencies and cost-saving opportunities. We work alongside owners/directors to identify opportunities which could be used to grow business and suggest them growth strategies for their business. We bring the owners out of the illusion that more sales does not mean more profits.

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