Annual Accounts

A company’s annual accounts are called the “statutory accounts,” and are based off of the company’s financial records at the end of their financial year. Every limited company in the UK has to keep their records up to date, even if the company is dormant. The main objective of preparing annual accounts is to present Companies House and HMRC with a report of the financial activity the company has undertaken in the last 12 months.

The benefits of annual accounts:

  • Recommendations to improve the accuracy of accounting records;
  • Advice on accounting systems and software;
  • Review and highlight opportunities to help you develop your business;
  • Provide detailed financial information for future reference;

Assist with bank presentations.

Having accurate and well-maintained accounting records is very important for every business not only for compliance but also to understand risks and opportunities. Businesses are required to submit their accounts to Companies House annually and HMRC. We can help prepare your year-end accounts for both Companies House and HMRC in the UK.

Publishing your company’s finances online means potential investors and clients can view the status of your business at any time. This can be helpful to attract additional funds and revenue opportunities for your business.


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